New Windows decoder/feeder!

There's now a combined decoder/feeder application available to be tested.
You will find more information here.

We look forward to your feedback!

BETA 32 (2013/03/19 20:50 CEST):

How to update:

You can now perform both required and optional updates from the application itself. Just click the banner and follow on-screen instructions.

Recent changes:

- Fixed incorrect decimal point message appearing for no reason
- Detecting old/delayed Basestation feed
- Discarding data older than 15 seconds in case of network trouble
- AC Loss parameter displayed (see above)

- Added --bs=HOSTNAME and --bs-port=NNNN parameter support to override data source
- Added support for multiple server definitions with fail over in case of network issues
- Added built in data source for local traffic in Radar View
- Added forgotten key reminder
- Added atomic exclusion of running multiple instances with the same sharing key
- You can still start more than one feeding process, but not with the same key
- Fixed a misc bug which caused the app icon to stay in the tray after update was installed
- Fixed error causing client to stop working after duplicated TCP connection detected
- Added increasing wait time between consecutive network connections (5 - 60sec)
- Added self-registration wizard